INTERIVEW 086: Sophie Rankin – A Beautiful Model And Actress With A Beautiful Soul

Interview With Rielle Mack

Ethnicity: British

Age: 26

Profession: Model, Actress, & Host

Current Location (Country): Philippines 

Instagram Username: @sophielouiserankin

Do you model?

Yes, I’ve been modeling for 7 years.

As a model/aspiring model, do you think that it is important to have a large following?

I do think it is important to have a large following as a model because then the clothes or products you advertise will be seen by more people so the bookers will be happy, haha! 

It will make you more contactable and will attract more people to book you for jobs. 

It’s also a good way to get heard if you want to share some news or entice people to do something or follow something that you feel strongly about.

Who is your favorite model?

Romee Strijd, because she’s so successful within her craft, she’s so pretty and she’s also a really lovely girl. 

I also admire how proactive she is and how she’s always vlogging about everything! 

She actually inspired me to set up my own YouTube channel where I now vlog about my life, my work and all my travels!

What is your dream in life?

My ultimate dream in life is to make my parents really proud of me, to travel the world and to build a life for all of my family that no one needs a vacation from! 

But aside from that I hope to land more film roles and become a really successful film actress. 

I’d also like to produce my own material within the film industry. I write poems and I’m also now working on my own film script.

And eventually, I’d love to open my own charity.

Are you following your dream?

Yes I am! After studying drama I moved to London where I pursued my acting and modeling goals there in the big city for 4 years! After a lot of hard work I was featured in commercials, 32 music videos, films, reality shows and a very famous TV series in the U.K. called Emmerdale. 

I also worked as a dancer in a few Bollywood films, I acted in an Indian TV series and I was featured in a TV pilot for the BBC in America which was really amazing because I got to do all these crazy things in the show in Miami and Nicaragua where we filmed including volcano surfing! 

Since then I got more into modeling and also pageantry and won three Beauty queen titles- Miss Wonderful UK 2015, Miss Global England 2015 and Miss Harmony World 2017. 

This lead me to move to the Philippines where I’ve now been living for the last two and a half years. 

The beautiful country has opened more doors for me creatively and has also given me an amazing amount of life experience as I’ve travelled even more and of course because I’m a very long way away from home here. It’s taught me to embrace different cultures and made me even more independent. Since living here I was in a film called Mr. and Mrs. Cruz that’s just been at the cinema, I’ve been in a TV series called Happy Life, I’ve been in commercials and I’ve landed endorsements with various beauty products. 

I also do a lot of hosting out here for events and I model in fashion shows. I’ve been working on completing my mission of traveling the world, and have been to most countries now in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. I’ve also been to countries in America, South America, Africa and the Middle East, however, there are a lot of countries in the world so I’m still trying to make my way through the globe! 

I‘m extremely close to my mum who means the world to me I travel a lot with her which is amazing! I always make sure that me living so far away doesn’t stop us from seeing each other so we reunite regularly in various countries in the world and have amazing adventures together! 

As for my charity dream, I don’t have my own charity yet but I have done a lot of charity work across the world. I’ve worked in orphanages and also in schools teaching English in Africa, Vietnam and also Thailand. 

I’m also currently working on making my own film. I have written the story and film treatment for it and once I finalize all the details I will co-direct and co-write the final script and I will be filming that here in the Philippines so please stay tuned for that!

Have you ever been published in a print or digital magazine before?

Yes I have. I’ve been in a digital and print magazines mainly in the U.K. and in the Philippines.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently doing a lot of traveling because I’ve just been appointed as the new brand ambassador for a brand out in China, so I’m out there a lot at the moment working on presentations for that and hosting there. 

I’m also the brand director for Akero, which is an anti aging and skin care brand based in Malaysia so I fly there a lot for events and photoshoots. 

Here in the Philippines, I have endorsements with Upperdeck gym, which is great because I grew up competing in gymnastics so I’ve always been really sporty.

I also endorse GFoxx which is a slimming brand, Bio Luce hair shampoo and Unlimited travel agency.

What’s something a guy can do to get your attention?

To really capture my attention I need to know that the guy is a genuinely good person with impeccable morals! 

Someone with a good sense of humor who knows how to have fun and laugh at himself is very attractive too. 

And also someone that’s really adventurous, as I love traveling – It’s a bonus to show me as well!

What’s an instant deal-breaker for you?

An instant deal breaker for me would be someone that I can tell has a wondering eye. 

For me to stay with someone that I love, I need to know that they’re completely for me and no one else, strong, classy in terms of there morals and how they choose to live, honest and a lot of fun!

What is your ideal first date?

My ideal first date would involve romance and adventure as I love both! 

I think it’s so attractive when you can tell a guy has really cared enough to go out of his way to plan something nice for you. 

Maybe something totally random to start with, like sky diving, followed by a romantic meal and wine somewhere nice!

Tell us a random fact about yourself.

A random fact about myself is that I’m addicted to cheese! I

t’s a very annoying addiction because it’s bad for my skin… so every now and then for modeling I have to go on major cheese detoxes, but the second I see cheese in front of me I have to eat all of it! LOL!

What are you most proud of?

I’m really proud of my work out in Africa. My achievements out there made me so happy because everyday I woke up knowing that what I was doing was so worthwhile, 🙂

I was teaching English out there to adults and I was working in an orphanage. The children I met out there were really so remarkable and no matter what there situations were or where they were living they were the happiest children I’d ever met. 

There were a group of much older children living in the orphanage to at the time as well, which made myself and the other volunteers really sad because they were naturally really bored being surrounded by toddlers the whole time and really far behind in there education. So myself, and a few other volunteers decided to pay to put all the older children into a proper school with other children there own age, and we committed to funding there education and what ever else they may need, including clothes and medical fees until they graduate. 

So getting the chance to change a child’s life in that way made me so unbelievably happy that I’d decided to go to Africa in the first place. 

I also climbed Kilomanjaro for charity out there which is one of my greatest life achievements! 

I got really bad altitude sickness at the time and had to be rushed down the mountain haha, but somehow I still managed to reach the top! 

I did the climb to raise money for a charity called No More Malaria UK, which funds mosquito repellant and anti-malaria drugs for people who have transmitted the disease across Africa. 

It was a charity that I felt really strongly about because Malaria still kills people every day which is so sad as it’s a preventable disease, and also most of the time it’s completely curable as well. 

But unfortunately there are a lot of people that can’t afford the pills that you have to take afterwards to cure the disease if you catch it, so this charity distributes them which saves lives every day.

What type of style would you say fits you best or that you wear the most?

I’d say that since living in the Philippines my style is usually cute, girly and glamorous because I go to a lot of events out here and people in the Philippines really know how to dress well! 

But naturally when I’m back home in England I go for comfort and casual, and if I’m not at jobs or castings I would usually be seen out in my gym clothes most of the time!

Did you have any mentors who greatly impacted your career or growth?

Yes, my biggest mentor in life has always been my mother. 

We’re extremely close and she’s my very best friend and means the absolute world to me. She’s a really amazing person, very strong and genuinely the nicest person that I know! 

She’s taught me more than I will ever be able to explain in words and she’s my inspiration in every thing that I do. 

She’s always there for me no matter where I am or what choices I make, and she really is a truly amazing person. 

I always feel so lucky and blessed to have her as my mum! 🙂

Do you have any tips for girls who are trying to live out their dreams?

My biggest tip for girls trying to live out there dreams would be to just never give up and to believe in yourself. 

Rejection is something that we will all face, so learning not to let it knock you back or shatter your confidence will be your most powerful tool! 

Also try to think about what you really do want in life, because sometimes you may think you want something that doesn’t actually make you happy, or might be what someone else wants for you instead of you. 

I believe that happiness is the most important thing to strive for, and what makes someone else happy may not necessarily make you happy as well. 

Also, try not to worry to much about what other people think of you. At the end of the day people will always have there own opinions of you, and some may have other motives, but it’s really the people’s opinions of you that you’re mega close to, who really know you through and through, that count. 

Someone that’s written something bad about you who may have judged you on something and doesn’t actually know you, doesn’t actually matter. 

Try to stay true to yourself and be the person that you want to be.

What do you want to be remembered as?

I’d like to be remembered as that crazy adventurous hyper happy girl that was always traveling all over the place, doing useful things with her time and acting in all the movies we watch! 😉