Deja Stovall – Dancer and Soon-To-Be Influencer

Interview With Deja Stovall

Ethnicity: Black/ African American

Age: 20

Profession: Patient transport at a hospital (at the moment)

Current Location (Country): Columbus, Ohio, USA

Instagram Username: @Woahdej

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you? 

I believe the best thing that has ever happened to me has yet to come! With me being so young, I believe there are so many opportunities i have yet to face, and so many mountains i have yet to climb. 

The best thing that has ever happened to me thus far is embarking on this thing called life under great health and becoming a woman of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

What is your favorite part about being a woman? 

My favorite part about being a woman is the ability to give life! That is a very powerful thing to posses!

I do not have any children of my own yet, however someday I do want them.

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The sky is the limit ❤️

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Who is your favorite role model?

My favorite role model is my mother because she posses strong, determined, passionate, and independent black woman qualities! 

She is a “go get it” done type of woman and she does whatever it takes to make sure her family is always good!

What is your dream in life?

My dream in life is to own my very own dance studio and teach children of all ages different dance styles… Starting at very little peewee ages like 2 – all the way to young adult years! 

I want to share my talent and my knowledge of dance with the world!

Are you following your dream?

I am a work in progress to following my dream! 

I feel as though I have to take the necessary baby steps to get there before it can come true. Such as being financially ready, and saving up for a building to create my dream studio!

Have you ever been published in a print or digital magazine before?

No, this will be my first time! 🙂 I am eternally grateful for the opportunity! Thank you!

What’s your favorite clothing brand / store?

My favorite brand to shop is Nike. My favorite stores to shop from is Fashion Nova and Akira (online stores)! I’d rather shop online then in stores any day!

What’s your “happy place”?

I feel the most happiest when I am dancing. I love to dance and it has been my passion since the age of 2! I also feel happy when I am working on my fitness goals at the gym1

What’s most important to you?

Staying true to myself is most important to me.

Not trusting anyone else’s process but my very own… And believing that God has a successful plan written just for me!

What’s the worst line a guy has ever used on you?

“Do your feet hurt? Cause you been running through my mind all day” 😂

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When life’s great 💛

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What’s your dream car?

My dream car is an all white Range Rover! I’ve had the vision of this dream car since i was a little freshman in high school. 

I imagined my little self driving a big truck lol!

Have you ever traveled out of your home country?

Yes! I have traveled out of my home country on cruise ships! I’ve been to the Bahamas twice and Mexico so far! 

Also, I’ve been to Puerto Rico (even though it is considered apart of the USA). 
My plan is to travel the world as much as i can!

Are you a “tom-boy” or a “girly-girl”?

I am more of a girly-girl. However, sometimes i do like to wear tom- boy things lol… Such as sweats, hoodies, Jordan’s.. any nice male sneaker that looks versatile really, etc.

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Today’s adventure 💚

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Do you have a favorite Kardashian sister?

I do not have a favorite Kardashian sis, but if i had to choose my favorite Kardashian sister would have to be Kylie because of her drive and ambition with becoming a self-made billionaire!

Have you ever gotten plastic surgery? 

No, I’ve never gotten plastic surgery! And I do not plan to get plastic surgery! I like my body natural, just the way it is, and I work hard for it naturally. 

The gym pays off!

What do you want to be remembered as?

I want to be remembered as an individual influencer, who helped mold and change young / old lives before and after me. By sharing the content of myself and life goals with people around me.